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I'm Astra, I married my best friend on July 28th 2012 and August 4th moved into a 23 ft travel trailer. I am currently traveling around the country with my husband as he works on the power lines. I am learning a lot about life on the road, traveling from RV Park to RV Park in a 5th wheel. I am extremely happy in life right now and am just enjoying every minute of it! I graduated from Lewis & Clark State college with my BS in Managerial Accounting. I have put my career on hold but it is all worth it to be with my husband. LIFE IS GOOD!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ready for a Slow Down & New Opportunities

Man life has been so crazy lately, isn't it always?! We're well into our 8th week of training with our coach and things are going great! We are really building up a great base and I'm starting to see how much stronger I'm getting.  I am absolutely loving this active lifestyle- something Brandon and I had been chasing after for a very long time.  I go to the gym or workout every day, even if its just to get a nice stretching session in, but I wouldn't think twice about not going.  Its so nice to have the kids club there.  Bashlyn and Coleman love the lady that runs the kids club and she loves them.  Every time we leave Bashlyn says "bye Noelle, see you tomorrow, lub you!" It is beyond cute and so comforting to me knowing I can go and get 2 hours of uninterrupted time and my kids are happy while I'm away! I'm not going to lie I've gone to the gym just to shower in peace a time or two :)

Brandon has been working insane hours lately, upwards of 70-80 and a lot of working through the night.  Its been draining with the different schedules and manning the house on my own.  Thankfully he has the next 6 days off!! I am so excited to have some time with daddy home and him be caught up on sleep so he's not a zombie.  We miss daddy when he works so much and really cherish the time we have him home.

I'm loving watching my body change.  Seeing the fat disappear and the muscle definition start to pop is really exciting and motivating.  I've been searching for a program that could help me learn about macros and gain the muscle definition but hadn't found anything.  I looked into a couple different programs but I didn't want to do meal replacement shakes, I wanted whole, real food and something that would be easy to follow.  Thats when I found Trainer Lindseys 15 day ideal fit program on Facebook (Thanks to my friend Darby for telling me about it!!) I decided to give it a try and it is exactly what I had been searching for! You get 15 days of workouts and meal plans for free! Everything is planned for you, everything is weighed down to the gram or ounce so there is NOTHING to think about.  Just sit back, follow the plan and you will see results! I've done this program 3 times now and I lost 22 pounds since January 25th! I could not be happier.  I am so excited to say that Ideal Fit has offered me an athlete sponsorship and I could not be happier to accept.  I am ecstatic about this program.  I believe in the meal plans and the protein is the best on the market for women, not to mention affordable (bonus!).  80 calories, 20g of protein, no sugar, no carbs!! It will help you build lean muscle and I know this because it IS working for me! Its not a program where you will feel hungry all the time, in fact you'll find yourself going "Its time for me to eat AGAIN?!"  I promise I will not be that annoying sales friend, I am just so excited to introduce this product and FREE program to my friends because it has worked for me! I have created a group on Facebook and if you'd like to join just let me know :)

Lindsey Mathews, the trainer that changed everything for me! 

Such an amazing product line! 

January 25th to March 9th!

If you would like to check out the products and company go to idealfit.com and take a look around.  If you order through my link they can track it to me :) I never want my friends to feel like I am making money off of them, I'm not.  I am getting a product that I would already be buying anyway, I've ordered 3 times since starting the challenge in January! :)

I feel so happy at this point in my life.  I feel like I've really found my true calling.  Working out and helping my friends find their best, healthiest self is truly fulfilling to me.  I can't wait to see where this new chapter of life will take me.  I am learning a lot and I am more than happy to share anything I've learned with you all, I do not know all the answers but I am excited to find a solution together.   Thank you all for standing behind me and motivating me to go after my dreams no matter how big or scary they seem.  I am so humbled to have all your support, thank you!

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  1. Hello Astra- I knew you when you were a child, living with Kelly and Roger Williams, near Deary, Idaho. I recall you fondly! We were friends... It is great to see you are a happy adult! I am so sorry about Roger's death! Do you have contact info for your mother Kelly? She was working at Schweitzer Engineering in Pullman, and living in Troy, but I have been unable to locate contact info. My email is starbliss@gmail.com, ph: 208-882-8643 Your friend from long ago, Ted Moffett, Moscow, Idaho